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How to manually add Blondcoin to a compatible wallet

Blondcoin works in any Ethereum wallet. To add Blondcoin to most wallets just look for “Blondcoin” in the “add new token” section.   If you don’t find Blondcoin just select the “Add manually” option. Use the following information: Token Name        : BLONDCOIN Ticker/Symbol    : BLO Contract Address: 0x1c3bb10de15c31d5dbe48fbb7b87735d1b7d8c32 Total supply    […]

Where to buy Blondcoins

You can buy Blondcoins in different places. Exchanges The first option are exchanges. You can see a list of exchanges at: Exchanges usually offer a standard, market price. We emphasize decentralized exchanges as they do not require you to transfer your property to a third party. Centralized exchanges may require you to verify your […]

How to buy Blondcoin?

You can buy Blondcoins in many places and using different means of payment. Here are some ways to buy Blondcoins: Buy Blondcoins with cash If you want to buy Blondcoin with cash you can do it in Localethereum, Paxful, in the Trusted network worldwide. You can also find sellers in your city or in different […]

What is Blondcoin (BLO)?

Blondcoin is a crypto project focused on informing about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, facilitating the conversion of Fiat to crypto and making cryptocurrencies an asset of daily use. The Blondcoin token is a utility token that can be used in the ecosystem. BLO is the ticker of the Blondcoin Utility Token.   TOKEN DETAILS NAME:  […]

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to Blondcoin‘s official blog. In our blog you will find relevant information about the products, the Blondcoin token (BLO), the community, the ecosystem and everything related to the Blondcoin project.   We will continuously update this blog to provide you with all the important information related to the project. You can ask your questions […]